Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Er... 4 weeks 2 days

I am only supposed to post weekly, but I received an email today advising I should pay the next progress payment - which is at frame. I was like - but we were there on Sunday - and if you see the pics in my previous post - 2 days ago - well it didn't look like they would be up till next week. Well .... see below. This builder - hy vat nie kak van kabouters nie! It is difficult to try and navigate through the house on a post like this but if you refer to the plan, it helps. Here goes.
Front looking up driveway into garage

From front left

From rear left

From back right - vertical windows are diningroom windows

Ok inside now - view from front door.

Standing in kitchen looking towards lounge left and alfresco (patio) - there will be no pillar in the middle.

Looking in from patio across to kitchen - diningroom on left, lounge on right.

Outside view across patio

From patio down hallway towards front of the house

From edge of lounge looking into kitchen - diningroom area on left

Dining area - you can just see the step down to Alfresco / patio on left.

I hope you can follow all of that!
PS: the windows aren't blue - it is just plastic protective covering.
C u later.

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