Sunday, 16 October 2011

End of Phase I

Ok so I am calling this end of Phase I - the garage floor still has to be coated and the garden is still short a few shrubs, cladding is to be done and skylights put in but this is part of PhaseII so this will be last post on the house for a while - I can get back to normal day to day stuff and hope to do some touristy stuff. We are really happy in our house - I know there are many bigger and fancier, but it is really home for us and thanks to Gideon of Plantastik - even the garden is better than I could ever have imagined - cos I am hopeless at that! Here goes:

Hey we have grass!

Still waiting for last 2 shrubs by postbox.

2nd garden bed.

Carmen's cabinet - finally arrived - weighs an absolute ton! The laser combo scanner doesn't fit in the cabinet!!! So this is how it is going to have to stay :-(

Wires tidied up as much as I could. These desks make it difficult.

Our Bedroom suite - not everybody's taste I know, but at least we have draws!
The wires to the right of Carmen's pedestal have been sorted - no more clutter!

En Suite - don't have wide angled lens - so not great shot. Soap dispenser holds 1.8Litres so good for a month or 2!

Guest room - ready for our first visitors T&S

Lounge skirting under fireplace last thing to be finished.

T&C talking about life love and everything else in the Dining area. Both bins to the right behind are sensor bins - no touch - the large is for recycled the smaller for general waste. The box in the middle is just a carton from a gift that sneaked into the photo awaiting disposal - oops!

Alfresco - screen sliding doors fitted.

The back garden - interim but done for now!

The garage -still in dire need of attention - next project!

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