Friday, 27 November 2009

Guy stuff

HMAS Vampire, destroyer.

The Submarine moored alongside. It was closed to visitors shortly after we left, due to the intense heat. It has a crush depth of 300ft, but in an accident some years back went to 400ft almost hitting the ocean floor - the sailors said that the stuff you hear in movies - the groaning and creaking and straining are real. He said there was a queue for the head (toilet) afterwards!

These are the torpedo tubes - this class of sub carried 25 torpedoes.

A close-up of the prop of a torpedo.

The engine room (diesel) enough to power a small town.

Weary / cheesy smiles to show the scale of the size of the engine.

The Helipad at the rear of the destroyer.
Over the past few weeks, it has been cooking in Sydney. Luckily we had a couple of cool days this week, but otherwise it has been sweltering. Last weekend we went to the Maritime Museum in the heart of Sydney and adjoining the Sydney Conference and Exhibition Centre in Darling Harbour. Ladies, you can make some tea. Guys, they have a destroyer from the 70's and a Submarine also post WWII. This is where the photos were taken. It was over 40 degrees so if we look less than enthusiastic and the smiles forced - it is just the heat.

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