Thursday, 26 November 2009

Why the Mona Lisa isn't in Aus

The Aussies are not big on security here. My state manager travelled with me yesterday and because he had to leave early for another meeting, we parked his Landcruiser, hooked up to one of our open trailers with a scrubber on it (a small one but still about $ 25 000 worth of machine) on the side of a nondescript street in an industrial area and travelled in my vehicle for 4-5 hours. I then later dropped him back off and went on my way. It never even entered my mind that it was a wonder that the machine and trailer was still there when we returned, until later when I thought about it as a South African.

But the one thing they obviously spare no expense on is the security of their books here. Carmen popped down to our community library, ID in hand ready to register because she wanted to take out a couple of books. So she walks in...'Hello...? Anybody here....?' No answer. Place is open but deserted. So she walks across the road to our gym and asks our local gym instructor:
'Do you happen to know where the librarian is, by any chance?'
'Who, Jim? Yes he's on holiday in China, but don't worry I open up for him in the mornings before I open the gym.' He frowned: 'Is the library closed - did I forget this morning...?'
'No, it's open, but I want to take out a few books: Jodi Picoult and...'
'O, well look on the table, there's a book there. Write your name in it and the books you take.'
'But they trust me to bring it back?'
He regarded her for a moment: 'Well you look trustworthy. Aren't you?'
'Well, yes, but... O, ok. But how many can I take out?'
'How many books can you read at one time?'
'Yes but how long - it doesn't say how long I can take them out for?'
'Well then you bring it back when you have finished.'
'You sure?'
'No worries.'

Ok then, No worries.

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Selina said...

This must be the greatest reason for living in Oz....
Cannot imagine taking as many books as I want and returning as I finish...wonderful!!
Great that the cruiser and scrubber was still there too! :-)