Sunday, 2 October 2011

Phase I nearing completion

Just a quick interim update on the house. We will post final pics of Phase I next week when our furniture is in. But here are some for now. Bye till next week!

The front garden. Final turf and flower bed will be put in next week.

Our back garden looking from the Alfresco - we had finished the deck design and were about to purchase the wood, lighting water features and pumps, but have decided to grass instead as we will be saving up and putting in a swimming pool when finances allow.

Carmen's study now has a little 'kuier' corner.

My study is the only 'completed' room in the house - no more furniture to be added - only files and books to be sorted properly, arranged and labelled. On the left of the picture through the bookcase, you can see my writing desk - I do no work there - it is my hobby corner used solely for writing.

The library end of my study - also with its own 'kuier' corner where you can curl up with a book.

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